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ATO was founded to provide the channel with an alternative to in-flexible, expensive OEM solutions. We provide the industry disrupting alternative to OEM maintenance (AOM). AOM is third-party maintenance (TPM) elevated to another level.

Third-Party Maintenance Designed for the Channel

ATO provides industry-leading third-party maintenance solutions that allow our clients to manage multiple vendors under a flexible, cost-effective, single contract. Our support continues even after the OEM has deemed the equipment end-of-support. Upgrade according to your timeline, not the OEM’s.

ATO is the only channel-friendly third-party maintenance company. We designed our systems to simplify the maintenance process. Get quotes instantly with our automated pricing tool. Then order the contract through your favorite technology partner. And finally, use our free portal to manage all of your assets and contracts. Finally a solution built with you in mind.

Transforming the Technology Channel with Innovation

We are changing the way organizations manage and maintain their data center infrastructure with solutions for every step of the lifecycle. Our team specializes in networking, storage, and server support. We have automated the entire third-party maintenance process. From quoting through service delivery, we take support to another level.

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Make Sense of Your Technology

ATO Data is designed to help you extract maximum value from your investment in technology infrastructure. We understand that your business operates on your schedule, not the OEM. That is why we continue to support your assets well after the OEM has determined your equipment is end of support. Realize maximum value from your equipment, contact ATO Data today

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